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Alpenblend Honey – Mountainhoney

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Alpenblend honey – Creamed – Certified 100% Organic Honey – from South Island, New Zealand

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“Alpenblend” is the name of a honey product from Mountainhoney, the Kaikoura beekeeping and honey producing business based at Peketa. This honey is a skilful blend of two of New Zealand’s best monofloral varieties; Manuka and Blue Borage.  Like all of Mountainhoney’s products, it is Certified Organic by AsureQuality NZ.

A blend of two honey varieties

Alpenblend is different as it is a measured blend of two monofloral honey varieties to capture a particular flavour, colour and texture.  Alpenblend combines the best attributes of both honeys and satisfies an increasing demand for honey with some Manuka in it.   The taste retains the complexity of both varieties with neither being dominant.  It is not marketed as Manuka blend or Blue Borage blend but forms its own profile under its own trade marked name.

Signification of Alpenblend

The name “Alpenblend” is derived from the term “alpenglow” which refers to the golden light effect on mountains in early morning and late evening (photographers call this the “golden hour”).  It is the only time during the day when the earth and sky merge or blend in the same light.  Alpenblend also continues the mountain motif which is a signature selling point of the business.  The golden glow in the new honey label’s mountain scene, represents the infusion of the two honey varieties from different sources; Manuka from the foothills of the Seaward Kaikoura Mountains and Blue Borage from the remote Clarence Valley high country.

Serving suggestions

Try our Alpenblend on wholemeal, rye, sourdough or cassava fruit toast with a little peanut butter on the side, also a smear of Alpenblend on a thin slice of aged cheese on Roggebrood or pumpernickel bread is delicious, healthy and satisfying.

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