Tending bees and gathering honey over two generations our honey is among the best you will get.

Truly managing hives organically, time and care is taken to produce and stock a selection of the hightest quality honey such as: Manuka, Wildflower, Blue Borage, Alpenblend and Honeydew. A natural sweetener, our pure honey is true to its flowering source each with a distinctive aroma, taste and flavour. Independently audited by AsureQuality NZ Ltd, our management of the bees means products you can trust. Batch tested honey ensures each jar is what it claims to be in proportion to the types of flowering plants visited by the bees.

Pure New Zealand Honey
Organic Honey
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A organic family farm since three generations

Hislops is a name of a family, a name synonymous with organics, wholefoods and a passion for providing the highest quality products. Hislops is based in Kaikoura, South Island, New Zealand. Hislop’s have long been involved in sustainable practices to produce the various food products the extended family has been producing. The ideals of “Organics”.


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