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Manuka Honey – Mountainhoney

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Manuka Honey – Creamed – Certified 100% Organic Honey –  from South Island, New Zealand

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Manuka Honey is a honey produced from the nectar of Manuka Tree. Our Manuka honey, a monofloral Manuka honey, is harvested from the foothills and sub alpine slopes of the Seaward Kaikoura Mountains, Marlborough, South Island, New Zealand. Like all of Mountainhoney’s products, it is Certified Organic by AsureQuality NZ.

Manuka Honey Test

What’s this test?

The Manuka Honey must be tested and pass the Manuka Honey Science Definition test as specified by the Ministry of Primary Industries. They have designated a combination of 5 attributes (4 chemicals, 1 DNA marker from manuka pollen) to be required to authenticate mono-floral and multi-floral manuka honey. In simple terms mono-floral means that the principal constituents of the tested honey predominantly come from the nectar of manuka flowers.  To the beekeeper this is verification that beehives placed in areas of predominant manuka flowering and boxes harvested at the end of the manuka honey flow (around mid-January) contain genuine manuka honey. The term multi-floral indicates a proportion of manuka honey gathered by the bees during the honey flow period but can contain other sources of nectar from flowering plants at the same time.  Therefore, harvested combs of honey can contain a mixture or blend of honey that is not a single source.

Does Our Manuka Honey Pass the Test?

The honey harvested by Mountainhoney in the Kaikoura region qualifies as mono-floral according to laboratory tests and comparison to the MPI Manuka Science Definition.  This gives us and our customers confidence that we have produced genuine manuka honey.  This enables us to legitimately and legally label our honey as manuka. Seasonal differences may alter the test results from year to year but still must conform to the MPI definition to be called Manuka honey.

The following chart compares our manuka honey results with the MPI Scientific Definition for Mono-floral Manuka Honey


Mountainhoney Test Results

Test # 1 Chemical *HGL18BM2C
3-Phenyllactic acid: greater or equal to 400mg/kg 510 mg/kg
2-Methyoxyaceophene: greater or equal to 1mg/kg 5.0 mg/kg
2-Methoxybenzoic acid: greater or equal to 1mg/kg 6.0 mg/kg
4-Hydoxyphenyllactic acid: greater or equal to 1mg/kg 5.2 mg/kg
Test # 2 DNA
DNA from manuka pollen: less than Cq 36 21.01 Cq

 *Lab Number 1951332.2; 28 March 2018; RJ Hill Laboratories Ltd.

As can be seen from the chart above the Mountainhoney results all qualify for the MPI Scientific Definition as mono-floral (single source predominant) genuine manuka honey.

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